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We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority:

  • Our Financial Conduct Authority reference number is 147395.
  • We maintain professional indemnity insurance.
  • We keep records of business transactions for at least six years.
  • Tax and estate planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Nor do they regulate National Savings & Investments products.

Contact details for the Financial Conduct Authority are:

  • Postal address – 12, Endeavour Square, Stratford, London E20 1JN
  • Telephone number - 0800 111 6768
  • Internet web-site –

We are members of the Personal Finance Society:

  • We adhere to their code of conduct and ethics, a copy of which is available on request.
  • We will not accept payments or any other benefits from product providers or anybody else with whom we may deal on clients’ behalf.

The Personal Finance Society has a programme of “continuing professional development”:

  • We subscribe to this programme in order to ensure that we stay abreast of matters affecting the finances of our clients.
  • Training events may be funded or delivered by product providers, investment fund managers, investment trading platforms and others through whom we deal for clients.
  • This may be construed as our accepting a “benefit in kind”, but we only attend lectures that add to our knowledge – and thus the quality of service that we offer to our clients.
  • We avoid anything associated with lavish entertaining, exotic venues or valuable gifts.

Our “continuing professional development” records can be inspected by the Personal Finance Society and/or the Financial Conduct Authority at anytime, to ensure their propriety.

Contact details for the Personal Finance Society are:

Our clients are classified as "retail clients" for regulatory purposes:

  • This gives them the highest level of protection in the event of a dispute.
  • Complaints should always be raised with us directly in the first instance.
  • Please write or speak to our Managing Director, John Cope.
  • If our response is not satisfactory, the Financial Ombudsman Service can adjudicate.
  • Fuller details of our complaints process are available on request, if required.

Contact details for the Financial Ombudsman Service are: