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A Typical Client of David Cope & Partners Limited

We are Chartered Financial Planners offering individuals tax planning and investment advice.

Most of our new clients are about to retire from full-time employment. They want advice on:

  • The various benefit options available to them from their pension arrangements.
  • Which is the right option for them to take in their circumstances?
  • What should they do about any debts that they have?
  • And any life assurance company arrangements that they have?
  • And any shareholdings that they have acquired over the years?
  • And any other investments that they have acquired over the years?
  • And any savings accounts that they have with banks and building societies?
  • And any National Savings accounts that they hold?
  • How should they best structure their overall finances going into retirement?
  • How do they minimise their future tax liabilities?

We encourage prospective clients to have a preliminary meeting with us in our offices:

  • The preliminary meeting is at our expense and without commitment.
  • It will probably run for less than an hour.
  • You can outline what assistance you are seeking.
  • We can explain how we might be of help.
  • We can explain the process that will be involved.

You will be given a copy of our written "Terms of Business" to keep. This includes full and clear details of the fees that we will require from you, if you decide to employ our services. You may then reflect in your own time on whether or not you wish to engage our services.